About Us

Who Are We?

We are a small, enthusiastic team with a passion for technology and a profound interest in human intellect. Our path to innovation wasn't paved in a grand corporate setting but sparked from a simple discontent with the conventional, rigid assessments used in B2B recruitment.

Our Inspiration:

Thus was born the Brght Adaptive Cognitive Ability Test – an adaptive approach to testing intellect. Why ask questions that yield no new insights like most classic one-site-fits all tests do? Our test adapts to each candidate with each response, ensuring that every question contributes meaningfully to understanding a candidate's true abilities.

The Essence of Brght:

Our test is more than just a series of questions; it's a conversation. Each query adapts based on previous responses, ensuring every question posed is a step closer to truly understanding a candidate's capabilities. This adaptive nature means we avoid redundant questions, making every interaction count. This ensures the Brght test is shorter than classic assessments, while it gives more information about the candidate.

Inclusivity at the Forefront:

Cognitive Ability knows no linguistic or academic boundaries. We've crafted our test to demand minimal knowledge of English and academics, promoting cultural fairness and focusing on assessing genuine potential.

Technology Meets Psychology:

At our core, we blend technology with a deep understanding of human psychology. What does a wrong or right answer signify? What are other questions that the candidate will have difficulties with or what questions will the candidate get right? What can it reveal about a candidate's logical reasoning or potential understanding in other areas? Our approach delves into the intricacies of the human mind, backed by sophisticated technology.

Only the Best make it to the Test

Before a question joins the ranks of the Brght test, it must prove its worth. It's answered by no fewer than 2,000 individuals worldwide, ensuring a broad and diverse range of responses. Only then, after thorough evaluation of the data to confirm its ability to provide valuable insights into candidates' skills, does it earn its place in our test. This meticulous process ensures that every question is a key player in the art of understanding intellect.

Be Part of Our Story:

The Brght test is redefining Cognitive Ability assessment in the B2B sector, and we invite you to join our narrative. Together, let's uncover the brght minds of the future.

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