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The Brght Adaptive Cognitive Ability Test
Cognitive ability is the strongest predictor of job performance. Use the Brght test for efficient candidate selection. Free of bias. For any job.
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Cognitive Ability is the top predictor of future job performance

The Brght Test is a 30-minute pre-employment assessment designed to evaluate your applicants numerical, spatial, and abstract reasoning abilities.

Candidates demonstrating higher aptitude in these areas, tend to learn quicker and excel in their roles compared to those with lower scores.

Organizations using the Brght Test before the first interview, only invite the right candidates. This approach allows them to spend quality time on quality candidates; and guarantees they never miss the best candidate.
70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 92% Compared to industry standards Example Result Summary for “Alex Taylor” On March 13, 2023, Alex Taylor completed the Brght Cognitive Ability Test. Alex's overall performance ranked higher than 92% of all individuals who have taken the test. Alex performed best on the Logical Reasoning section with a percentile score of 94%. Your candidates Alex Taylor Marketing intern Economics bachelor Marketing bachelor Worldwide average
Benchmark your candidate pool against industry averages

The Brght Test has been completed by over 2 million individuals, covering a wide range of regions, ages, educational levels, and job roles.

Simply select the job position you are looking to fill, define the qualities of an ideal candidate, and compare all applicants against this tailored benchmark.

Find out which of your candidates have the right cognitive skills for the job and only spend time on those.
128 Alex Taylor Intellectual Capacities Low Lower Average Higher High Numerical Reasoning Logical Reasoning Spatial Reasoning 60 0 1 2 Population/% Brght Score 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 Student , United Kingdom, Bachelor degree economics Alex Taylor Average candidate score

Every candidate is Unique
Every Brght test is Unique

The Brght Test dynamically adjusts the difficulty of the test to each candidate's abilities. As a candidate progresses through the test, the Brght algorithm selects each subsequent question based on their previous answers.

This adaptive approach ensures everyone experiences a similar sense of achievement, regardless of their initial skill level. Everyone is challenged, but no one is left behind.

Good candidates like to be challenged at their level in a screening test.
Quetion 1 Quetion 2 Quetion 3 Quetion 4 Quetion 5 Quetion 6 Quetion 7 Quetion 8 Quetion 9 Quetion 10 Quetion 11 Quetion 12 Quetion 13 Quetion 14 Quetion 15 Quetion 16 Quetion 17 Quetion 18 Quetion 19 Quetion 20 Quetion 21 Quetion 22 Quetion 23 Quetion 24 Quetion 25 Quetion 26 Quetion 27 Quetion 28 Quetion 29 Quetion 30 75 125 150 50 100 difficulty of the questions Legenda: Correct Incorrect Difficulty of the questions in Alex Taylor’s Adaptive Test

Valid results with a test of only 30 minutes? Yes it is possible.

In traditional testing, a one-size-fits-all approach often leads to unnecessary questions. Long demotivating tests without valid results are not uncommon in screening tests. High level candidates get questions that are far too easy, while weaker candidates get questions that they will never know the answer to. Not only is this one-size-fits-all approach demotivating for the candidate, but most of the questions in these tests give almost no extra information about the intellectual abilities of the candidates.

By tailoring each question to the candidate's ability level, Brght significantly reduces the number of questions needed to obtain valid results. This method is based on the principles of Item Response Theory (IRT), where the focus is on maximizing the information gained from each question. Instead of presenting items that are either too easy or impossibly hard, the test dynamically selects questions that will give the most information about the specific candidate.

This apprach ensures every question contributes valuable insight into the abilities of the candidate, making the test not only time-efficient but also highly accurate in assessing each individual's capabilities.

Example questions
> Which figure should replace 
 the question mark? A B C D E F ? A C E B D F
Which figure is the same? A B C D E F A C E B D F
Which figure should replace 
 the question mark? A B C D E F A C E B D F
Our test is divided into three sections: Numerical, Logical, and Spatial questions, designed to assess different cognitive abilities. To ensure accessibility and minimize cultural biases, the questions demand minimal proficiency in English and academic knowledge. Rigorously tested, each question has been answered by over 2000 individuals, ensuring their high quality and enabling precise analysis of statistics such as difficulty level and discrimination index.